dou•ble take

a delayed reaction to something unexpected, immediately after one's first reaction.

In the words of Rene Magritte "Everything we see hides another thing, we always want to see what is hidden by what we see." This collection explores the concept of understanding and seeing the things we do not see. Using various techniques such as taking traditional pant pattern and turning it a dress or disappearing lapel seams, we designed this collection to challenge what the mind sees and what it does not see.

About Us

YELLY is an open plot to everyone. Minimalist aesthetic with a focus on tailoring while experimenting with material and pattern. YELLY interprets the meaning of art into fashion through a simple and classic form.

Yelly LumentU, the Creative Director of YELLY wanted to createsomething unpredictable in an unexpected way.

"I design apparel for women who need power and confident, so they can look and feel their best in their life" – Yelly Lumentu


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